Thursday, January 14, 2010

Celebrating 18 Months of Minnie Mouse!

Minnie Mouse--as I affectionately refer to my little darling is 18 months old today. As if you did not catch that with the blog post title.

She is so precious and she brings smiles to my face all day long! Eighteen months ago I was laying in the hospital and had just been able to hold Minnie for the first time.

Eighteen months ago I was so glad that my c-section had just ended and was in disbelief and in post-trauma that my c-section spinal block did not go as planned resulting in much unexpected pain---as one can imagine the feeling of being sawed in half!

But 18 months later that is a blur and the result was worth it! So today is a blog post dedicated to our Precious girl!

Dear Minnie,

I wish I could capture your essence of joy and keep it forever. You have overflowing confidence and can hold your own in any situation. You are not in the least hindered by the fact that you have a vocabulary of 20 words or less. You can express yourself more than adequately and with much passion! Your eyes LIGHT up every time I break out in song and you are quick to start dancing!

You are starting to say "no" fairly frequently but it is with a sweet smile and a twinkle in your eye. I have a feeling that will change in the next few months! You are a well-rounded individual-- you can be a ferocious dinosaur and the next minute be a fashion diva trying on headbands, shoes and more.

When we pray before our meals, you piously fold your hands and bow your head deeply, when you think no one will notice you quickly grab a few bites of food, shove them in your mouth and then resume your pious praying position. And the end of the prayer you joyously chorus, "AMEN"!

You love adventures and are happy as a clam to be out and about!

Unfortunately for you, your mother pretty much does not leave the house in the winter!

I smile in the mornings when I hear your first sing-song jibber jabber---excited to spend the day with you.

Here are some snapshots of you in the last few days:

Busily working on your laptop, in your cubicle! Such a hard worker you are.

Working on your New Year's Resolution of reading through the Bible in a year.

And practicing for a future modeling career.
Such a busy girl you are!
I have loved having a year and a half to see you grow and become a little girl--though I selfishly long for you to stay a tiny baby.
You are a ray of sunshine to your mama! I love you always!


Anonymous said...

ahhh....our sweet precious little girl! She has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. I love it when I come to your house and she is so excited to see me that she sqeals, dances and twirls around with delight. I feel so loved. I love you little Minnie!!!

Nancy said...

As do I! I could never spend near enough time with my dear little neice. You are a joy little Minnie!

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