Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can't Wait to Show You....

My 2009 BLOG BOOK!!! 

I happened upon this website to print out blogs and it was SO EASY! It only took me a few minutes.. for real!  The only time it took was find a picture to put on the front and back!  I received it in the mail a few days ago and I love it!  Its not as beautiful as a digital scrapbook as the pictures are small (wallet-size).  But it is amazing to have so much of our past year journaled. 

It was entirely rewarding as I watched Hubby on the couch look through it and saw him have so much fun reminscing through the funny stories.  I would hear him laugh and say, " I totally forgot about the Mysterious Wet Spot --that was hilarious!" Hubby was so proud of my little blog accomplishment and thanked me for capturing our family's stage to remember. 

So of course I want to encourage all my fellow bloggers to try it!  My book is about 80 pages long and was around $50.  The videos will not print out at all-not even a picture.. so if you have a lot of videos on your blog--this might not be ideal!

 There is a lot I would change around about this book to make it more aesthetically pleasing--but there are not many options and honestly I would have been overwhelmed and never gotten my blog printed out. So-yay, I have a blog book of my 2009 posts and it took up only a few minutes! 

This next picture has absolutely NOTHING to do with the post--except that this picture was uploaded to my computer at the same time as the previous picture and I just wanted to share cute little Minnie!  This is a new little outfit that looks SO cute on her.  Pink chenille, satin, and leopard print!  How fun!

 I think it looks like she is doing a tap dance routine in this picture! 

And for those of you who have asked when I will start selling more flowerbands on Etsy... I have finally added more! (Etsy is an online shop for hand-made items--very cool stuff--look around!) So click HERE to go to my Frills and Flowers Etsy site!

And last but not least.... I was laying awake one night disturbed by all the hurt in Haiti and wondering what I could do!  I wish I could just get on a plane, grab a few children that were left without family and bring them home! 

It just seems like as a mom with small children that I don't have a lot of helping out options--but then I wondered if I could do something with my flowerbands to help. I am wanting to use my little business for greater good!  So I figured out on Ebay I could have a percentage of my sales go directly to the Red Cross, and Ebay refunds listing fees for giving to charity!  YAY!  So I have 100% of the final sale price going to the Red Cross!  Not only can I pray, and give money--But I can help RAISE money!(however small it will be.. its still some!)

Here is my listing. Click on  Frills and Flowers For Haiti

 Please pass it on to anyone that you think would be interested!

So back to the Blog Book thing... leave me a comment if you decide to print off your book.. I can't wait to hear what you think!


Amy said...

That is so fun! That might help me get back on track. I was so on top of things til Ella was born, now I am two years behind! Hey, I was wondering if you minded if I copied that adorable picture of that baby with the flowerband that is on your site and used it to put a link to your etsy site from my blogs? Let me know if that would be okay!

Anonymous said...

Tricia, Sounds so neat. Wish I lived closer so I could see it in person. Ran into Cheryl riding bikes in the neighborhood. Such nice weather until today. Talk to ya soon. Sarah

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love this photo of Minnie in her new clothes! Please email it to me!

smw said...

i just printed my blog off, but it took some arranging, and 2-3 hours. and i thought that was good! :) so much more me than scrapbooking, and i had to think, cheaper, too! i'll have to check your site out.

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