Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tuckered Out!

This is how I found Mickey after his playdate with his buddy Tucker. Brings a new meaning to the phrase "tuckered out". I was so shocked as Mickey NEVER sleeps during the day. I was also amused at his funny sleeping position.

I then proceeded to the back of the basement and indeed found what had exhausted the boys so much. Looks like they made the most of their playdate! They played hard!

I am so sad that I did not get a picture of Minnie and Tucker's little baby brother. He is 9 months old and she is 16 months old and they are the same size. She loved "taking care" of him. She would put hats on him, give him a paci (even her own once), patted him, and swayed him from side to side singing rock-a-bye baby. Which she actually sings like so: "Wa wa wahh BAAAAAAAY-EEEEEE" And then she would come over to me, point to herself, nod her head and say "mama, mama" I would say " Oh yes Minnie, you are a GOOD mama!" She would prance away with a pleased look and begin the mothering again... and then back to me for affirmation!

What fun the kids had having little friends over! And the mess, you are wondering about? Oh, its still there, probably will still be there until I host Bible Study in the basement next Tuesday. The kids love it when the toys are all in disarray....they will play in the basement for hours when it is all messy--must spark their creative juices!
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Janelle said...

Interesting. When a room in our house gets messy, the kids won't play in it anymore and find another room to play in. Thus, there are many messy rooms in my house!

Nichole Musselman said...

That is so funny....I think my girls play so much better when the toys are all out everywhere too. I think this is when out of site, out of mind comes into play!!!

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