Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday Morning Havoc!

This is us last Sunday.

As we were getting ready for church, it suddenly it dawned on me that this is when I needed to break out Minnie's Christmas dress. And then that spiraled into a whole..."we should all sort of coordinate!!!"

This is a bad idea when you are ALREADY running late.

I am sure most of you have had a similar happening. You know it has not been the focused, worshipful morning when by time the family gets in the car--mom and dad are gasping for breath at the cardio workout, kids are whining, and there is an icy silence for the duration of the drive. So back to the "getting ready"....

I had made a perfectly matching flowerband for Minnie's dress but I realized as we were needing to leave for church in 15 minutes that I had sold it!!!!! (don't worry, Minnie had never worn it).

Well, I can't exactly not have a beautiful flowerband for my own daughter...after all she is my main advertisement! I should make a sign pinned to her back with my Etsy site on it! Just kidding.

So I zoomed down to my little crafting area and put together a headband that was not nearly as genius as the first... but oh well.

And then came the mystery of the missing black tights. After rooting through every drawer and other assundry places... no tights were to be found. This created a tense situation.

I then did what every mother would do--I pulled out a pair of my black trouser socks , that soon became thigh-highs and VIOLA--Minnie was styling and looked like she belonged to a family that was halfway put together! The rest of us somehow managed to coordinate and my aunt who happened to have her camera at church even snapped a picture of us. (evidence up top)

But my secret was soon revealed as by the end of our chatting after the church service, Minnie's trouser socks were suspiciously drooping to the floor and she looked like a melting elephant. So yes, the pretense was up... the reality of a frazzled family was realized by all!

The great thing about church is that it is not full of perfect people... but people wanting to be perfected--by His grace, love and Word, so we plan to go back next Sunday:)


Amber said...

oh how I relate. And with 3 girls . . .it can get ugly as I'll realize we should leave in 5 minutes and I'd prefer to have 3 little girls accessorized. : )

I'm still getting used to have a daughter whose hair HAS to be done, instead of a baby who looks cute regardless of headband or no headband. Ryan and I have had a few rides to church that had the words "I'm sorry" uttered during them. : )

But anything for a memory - right?!?! : )

Jane said...

I loved the post Tricia. The picture is beautiful. How well we cover up the realities. Have a blessed New Year! Come see us the next time you are in town.

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