Sunday, November 1, 2009

Super Cute Dinosaurs

Halloween was a blast!  Look at these three cute dinosaurs!  Three?  Only two are mine!  The Dinosaur sitting next to the dinosaur Jack-O-Lantern is Mickey's buddy Tucker!  They were delighted to find out that they had matching dinosaur costumes! 

Tucker is the best friend a little boy could have.  He is sweet, funny and loves to play dinosaurs!  But he is also so thoughtful.  He knows that Mickey has food allergies, so he made a SPECIAL little treat bag full of Mickey-Safe treats and other fun things!  He (we) are so blessed to have so many peope in our lives that go the extra mile for accomodating him and making him feel special and not left out.  My next door neighbor called several days before Halloween and wanted to know what sort of candy she could purchase that would she could hand out to Micky when he came Trick or Treating!  That totally warmed my heart!

Mickey and Minnie LOVED being dinosaurs.  I took Mickey around Trick or Treating while Hubby and Minnie stayed home to hand out candy.  Minnie looked scrumptiously cute in her costume and gave her best scary growl to everyone she handed candy to. 

Mickey loved walking the sidewalks with me, well, I walked and he did his best Dinosaur stomp and was bellowing and growling with all of his might!  He will be a great actor some day as he NEVER stepped (er stomped) out  of character! 

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Jen said...

So cute! I love seeing all the kids in their Halloween costumes. Thanks for sharing with us.

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