Monday, November 16, 2009

A Giggle for You!

I love things that make me laugh!  I love being around funny people.  And I love replaying things in my head that make me laugh--it must be some strange coping mechanism that I have.  So I decided to share with you the funny thing that just made me giggle... again.

Three weeks ago I was talking with my sister on the phone.  I will be keeping the identity under wraps as I did not ask permission.  I was asking my sister how her foreign exchange son was doing. (HA! they both have sons from abroad this year so don't think that you have figured it out) 

Here is the conversation:

me: so is he liking school?

sis: oh, yeah, I think so.

me:  Is he fitting in okay?

sis: yeah, he has been hanging out with this group.. so thats been good.

me: is it a "good" group of kids--like are they trustworthy?

sis:  I don't really know them, they are a bi-sexual group (mentioned flippantly)

me:  (too shocked to muster a response)

sis:  wait....not bi-sexual... thats not what it is.

me: transgender (i offer)?

sis:  noooooooo(searching for the right word).... OH! co-ed.  yeah, thats right, co-ed.. boys and girls...thats what co-ed is right?

me:  yeah.. a big difference---by the way

So I don't even know if this will be funny to read.. but it sure is funny in my mind to recollect!  The funniest thing is that my sister then just transitioned into the next topic as if nothing humorous had taken place!  It wasn't until a few hours later that it popped into my mind again and I started laughing uncontrollably! 

So anyway, now you know what has been amusing me.... 

On a side note:  fellow bloggers-- I can't find a spell check on this new format?  Can you help me out?  I would hate to proofread all by myself!!!


Amy said...

That is funny. Good to have people around to give you a good giggle! And I have no idea where the spell check button is on the new format. I got too frustrated with it and went back to the old format. I fear change I guess!

Anonymous said...

i tho't it was quite funny! glad you got it "straightened" out!!

jodie said...

reading your old posts-loved this one!

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