Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Banning of the Wiggles.

If you are not in Toddler World (aka where mommy brains disintegrate) and do not know who The Wiggles are, let me quickly explain.  They are an Australian group of guys that do musical videos for toddlers.  Today I had the kids watch one via Netflix Instant Watch on my laptop while I got ready for the day. 

A few hours later Mickey (just turned 4) said with a very serious voice, "Mommy, I don't think the Wiggles love God.  I should not watch them anymore."

Now in my estimation, The Wiggles are a very expressive group of guys that are entertaining and educational and have not worried a bit that they would be a bad influence on my children.

But today in their show, they sang a song that did not jive with my son's theology.

Mickey:  "They said that the LION is the king of everything.  But that is not true, is it Mommy?  GOD is the King of everything."

The sweet thing is that Mickey said this with no condemnation, but with sadness.

"Mom, we gotta go tell them.  We gotta go on a mission trip." 

When his daddy came home from work, Mickey informed him of his self-imposed ban.  Poor Wiggles.  I explained to Mickey that the Lion is known as the King of the Jungle as he is so ferocious and that the Wiggles were not trying to dishonor God.  Mickey just shook his head, "Well, the Lion CAN'T be the King of the jungle, mommy, cause God is the King of EVERYTHING!"

Ya gotta respect a kid who refuses to watch something that he thinks clashes with his beliefs! 

His daddy and I have prayed that Mickey would have a steadfast faith, and it is awesome to see that prayer taking shape in our little boy.  We have seen his passions go from balls, to tractors, to dinosaurs. Hubby and I often joke that when Mickey's sole passion becomes the Gospel, everyone in his path will be showered with the Good News! 

But for now, those of you in his path are showered with relentless facts about dinosaurs and the latest archeological findings.  Every friend that comes over to play is roped into Mickey's dinosaur world.  That boy makes us smile.. and shake our head. 

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Rochelle said...

That is so endearing. He has great discernment! (Ethan talks about The Wiggles too, but I have never watched them. Another drawback of not knowing everything that he absorbs during his time at day care ...)

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