Saturday, October 24, 2009

Its Beautiful Outside and I DON'T want to face....


To put it in perspective of how massive Mt. Laundry is.  This is several feet high and takes up an entire KING BED.  And to make it worse, the washer and dryer are STILL going!  Why oh Why, you wonder is Mouseymom so behind in her laundry?  Well, I mean besides the obvious that it is a dreadful task and is often procrastinated.

 Well, last Friday I took my beauteous flowerbands into Belle's Boutique-- a new local upscale Children's Boutique and the owner loved them and she asked me to bring in my inventory on Thursday.  So instead of doing my normal household tasks... I have been madly sewing, creating, gluing, to come up with gorgeous litle girl accessories!  And oh have I had fun!  Isn't that exciting? 

Oh, and I have decided on a name for this little business, thanks to a faithful blog reader and friend.  Keri Plattner from Jamaica came up with "Frills and Flowers" and I love it.  Thank you Keri!  Keri and her husband and her three darling children are involved in a ministry for the deaf children in Jamaica. You may remember a few months ago when their newborn baby girl Daisha was in need of prayer due to health complications after birth.  I invite you to be a part of their adventures by following their blog which is on my blog roll or by clicking HERE!  She of course has been awarded by a free flowerband of her choice!

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