Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Beautiful Baby FlowerBands!

Welcome to Frills and Flowers Photo Gallery!

I hope this gives you ideas for your custom design! This is just a few of the many flowerbands! I will continue to post pictures here so check back! Contact me for your custom designs. All flowerbands are $10 unless otherwise noted!

Here is a fun brown flowerband. So many darling outfits with brown!!

This turned out to be one of my favorites. It is a nylon band and delicate cream flower. It is so versatile and subtle. It is exquisite! It matches pretty much everything!

This one is not so subtle! This flowerband looks best with trendy outfits like the cute new outfits out with bright leggings!

This one was designed for the new classic-modern black and white babywear

I LOVE using buttons with the flowers. Gives it a classic, yet whimisical look.

I gave this one as a baby gift recently. It is so versatile that it matches almost everything. If you are looking for a baby gift, I would recommend any from the cream collection as pictured below.

So here is a little bit more about this little business of mine. Mostly, its a creative outlet for me and I love making them.

For a couple of months I have been making Minnie's flowerbands to match her outfits and she has become quite well-known at church for her array of head decor! In fact, a few Sundays ago, hubby dressed Minnie for church and forgot the headband and a few people had trouble recognizing her without her "bling".

Others mothers are constantly asking me where I buy her headbands, so I figure I might be able to sell a few. Support my habit.. ya know! (headband making habit, that is :) Actually I would like to put any profit towards a nice camera as I LOVE taking pictures but get so frustrated at the limitations of a point and shoot camera!

Okay, so I would have to sell like 5 million flowerbands to afford a "good" camera... but any little bit can help, right?

So if you are interested in purchasing a baby flowerband you can contact me by:
or you can go to my Etsy site (a site for selling handmade items):

If you would be interested in advertising for me on your blog s that you can get a HALF of your order of flowerbands or clippies!


Thanks So much for your interest!



Real Reedy said...

Hey Tricia - I've been wondering where you get all of your cute little headbands! They are so cute especially for sweet girls who are still waiting for their hair to come in! :) Anyway, I'd love to enter your contest! :)

Kirk and Keri Plattner said...

Tricia, I love these headbands! I definitely can't find anything like that down here, so even if I don't win I'm still ordering one!! Don't worry, I'll pay the shipping :) And let's see for a name, I'll give it a shot. How about "Flowers & Frills"?

Rochelle said...

Love a good give-a-way! And while I have no baby girl to adorn, my sister does! I'll be passing on this info anyway, so if I don't win, maybe I can buy one for her, or maybe Bri will want to buy one... am I rambling? Just enter me. :)I'm 1 for 1 in my entries to your contests... no pressure... :)

amy said...

How fun and simply adorable!! Sophie is not looking for big bows but make sure you send this post to amber!!! xoxo

Amber said...

Hmmm . . .if I win, I'd have to still order one!!! But so fun. : ) Although these days, making it out the door with all girls dress, much less accessorized, is an accomplishment!! : )

The only names I could come up with was "top it off . . ." but that isn't really fun/girly. "hair's to you. . . ."

what can i say - it's late. I'm tired. I'm going to bed. : )

Amy said...

Your headbands are adorable! I had just been thinking about trying to make some for our little girls. Yours are super cute - I think they are ten times better than some I have seen being sold. You should open your own etsy shop or something. (oh-btw- Aaron Friedel is my husband and he showed me your site, just didn't want you to wonder who this random person commenting was!)

Anonymous said...

I think its great you're using your creativity to bless others:) Very impressed! As for a name--i'm not too original so how about Maylen's Bling. Miss you girl!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful headbands!! Love them all:)
OK - now for a name suggestion -

All Dolled Up
Sugar & Spice

Good luck and I can't wait to see more.

Mama White said...

How wonderful are these??? I don't have a little one that they would fit, so dont worry about putting me in the contest. I just wanted to tell you I thought they were fantastic. I get a little crafty too, how fun!

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