Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes!

I love the imaginations of children! I am amused all day long by Mickey. I want to share a cute story with you. A few weeks ago we were eating in the grocery store deli. (we always bring a cooler of food in for Mickey as eating out is simply not an option with his food allergies). Anyway, as we walked in, an older couple (80 yrs old) were mesmerized by our bouncing young family. They gazed at us with fondness and smiled. I could hear them discussing how darling our children were. As much as I believe that cuteness does not add value or worth--it always feels good to hear someone say it!

This couple came over to our table to meet our kids and both kids were delightful and charming. (phew). This is not always the case! The lady leaned in close to Mickey to tell him a story and as she spoke she clicked her long painted fingernails on the table. I saw Mickey take note and I knew it would not go unmentioned.

Sure enough. As soon as the lady finished her story, Mickey exclaimed with delight and admiration, " YOU LOOK EXACTLY LIKE A TYRANNOSAURUS REX!!"

My eyes popped open in horror and I was ready to intercede and explain that my child was obsessed with dinosaurs.

This gracious elderly lady responded so well. "A Tyrannosaurus Rex? Did you say that I look like a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Confusion flitted across her face followed by an "aha"look.

"OH, Do I have claws like a T-Rex?" she asked as she waved her fingernails in front of him

"YES!!!" shouted Mickey, thrilled that she understood him, " You have claws EXACTLY like a T-REX!" And he admired her long claws with a huge grin.

Well this lady was smitten and delighted! Hubby and I were quite relieved!

I found a dinosaur costume at garage sale that is sized 12months. It is intended for Minnie, but Mickey wanted to try it on. Here is video footage of the first few minutes. He paraded around like that for a few hours until mealtime.

It made me smile to see him fully immersed in his imagination.


Home Is Where The Heart Is said...

Hi! You asked how I found your blog. Well I'm not sure either it was by hitting next blog at the top or you were connected with another blog that I decided to follow. I thought your stories were cute and fun to read so I decided to follow your blog. If you rather I'd not please let me know and I can take myself off your blog. I do understand about certain privacy issues with kids but like I said I just hit "Follow" because I liked your stories =).

T and M said...

very cute! kids r so creative ( :

Real Reedy said...

Hilarious!!! I totally can imagine us in that situation. Good thing the woman was understanding. I've just been told Asher wants to be a dinosaur for Halloween. I hope we can find a costume as cute as that one. Let me know if you find somewhere selling cute dino costumes!

Becky @ BoysRuleMyLife said...

That video is TOO CUTE!!! What a riot!

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