Sunday, August 23, 2009

Transformation Complete!

So about our pet chrysalis... I know that you are dying to know :) Well the story begins last night (Sat night). I had some time to myself as Mickey and Hubby were camping with my dad. I was starting to wonder about my chrysalis and started to do some research. I read that the chrysalis might stay that way all winter!


That is certainly delayed gratification!! Then I read that the only way to tell if your chrysalis is dead or not is to put it in water and see if it floats. Dead ones sink, morphing ones float. So I took the tender twig out of its jar and put it in a shallow plastic container and held the twig down. It floated. phew.... sigh of relief. I would really hate to have an ugly jar in my kitchen ALL winter just holding a dead caterpillar.

Well apparently almost drowning it made that butterfly realize that her owner was one crazy lady and that it should break out of that chrysalis ASAP! Because the VERY Next morning-- today-Sunday- I noticed that the chrysalis had darkened and I could see wing patterns!!!

AND I saw it wiggle!!!--the first sign of life in weeks!

I was very giddy and exclaimed that we probably should not go to church so we did not miss the emerging butterfly. I was over-ruled.

After we returned home, I immediately abandoned the over-tired kids and bazillion sacks of groceries and ran to check on the chrysalis!!!


AND a gorgeous "Black Swallowtail" had emerged and was drying her wings.

I was ELATED! ( to say the least)

Based on the crumply looking wet wings, I think we missed the "breaking out" by only a few minutes.

Hubby, Mickey and I studied this new creation in amazement. The whole process is mind-boggling and so fascinating. God is truly the Artist! We took her outside and she danced around in the marigolds. We then named her Marigold. She hopped around, practiced short flights and fluttered about!

After about 20 minutes of being outside she was ready for her final flight away from us. With out warning, she took off like the wind and with great pride we watched our precious butterfly soar to new heights. We watched her till she was just a dot on the horizon. What a perfect day for a butterfly to discover the world.. warm, sunny and bright blue skies!

I dare say that one cannot watch a caterpillar transform into a butterfly and not be drawn to the Creator. So many spiritual lessons I have learned from this process. I love how God uses nature to teach us.

2 Corinthians 5:17

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has COME!

So remind yourself next time you are feeling like you are struggling with the same stuff over and over... when you place your trust in Jesus Christ and are set free from your sins--You ARE a new creation, just like that butterfly...transformed from the inside out! So fly high today, butterflies!


Anonymous said...

Love this entry and the wonder of this special creation of God!! I am happy for the joy that this project gave your on to find a milkweed with a cocoon!! One of my good friends signs her emails with "butterflys are free and so are we" which always brings a smile to my face.

Amy Cherise said...

love this post! how adorable!!

and i have to say - love reading your conversationgs with amber!!! -you two have always reminded me so much of each other so its fun for me to see you "talk" :)

miss you!!

Kirk and Keri Plattner said...

I convinced you would be the best author of any science book I have ever read.

Courtney said...

What a story, you are always quite the writer! When we were still living in Lexington, we had the opportunity to do that with our caterpillars, and it was AMAZING. Then we did it with a second chrysalis. We were going out of town for the weekend that we thought the butterfly might come out, so we took the jar with us on the trip! Sure enough, that weekend, we released her at the lake! I have read that when you put them in a jar, the added heat in the jar will cause them to come out sooner, because it speeds up the process. On our parsley this summer, we find more than 15 caterpillars! I told the boys just to leave them there and let them form chrysalises there, rather than put them in our butterfly house. Well, we left them there, and they went away. So sad, and I felt so bad for the poor advice!

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