Sunday, August 16, 2009

Poor Petless Mickey

I grew up on a farm and thoroughly enjoyed our pets. We always had lots of cats and probably 5 different dogs throughout my childhood. We also had the occasional random pet... a rabbit, a pigeon, a hermit crab, and a few fish. I LOVED having animals around and I doted on them constantly.
So why is it any surprise that my son would long for a pet?
Even my husband has looked at me with puppy dog eyes and petitioned for a dog. "Not until you stay home and I frolic off to work" was my reply!
Now I would love an outdoor self-sufficient cat, like we had on the farm, but we are town folk and so we are petless.
Saturdays are Mickey's favorite days and he has high hopes every Saturday of doing a "project" with daddy. Yesterday Mickey had big plans, "DADDY, can we build a dog house today???"
Suspiciously I ask, " why do you want to build a dog house?"
Mickey:"So we can get a dog, mommy!" (insert the sad and neglected face of a 3 year old) We don't have any pets and I want one SO bad!
Me: "But we DO have a pet!! We have a CHRYSALIS!!!!
I know, I am such a pathetic mom trying to pass off the pupa stage of a butterfly as a pet.
Meet our family pet:

So how did we end up with a pet chrysalis? I know you are dying to know! So last week I was picking some cherry tomatoes out of our garden and I noticed a caterpillar on my parsley. I was inspired so I snatched it up and made it a little home in a glass jar.

Of course I did not have any glass jars on hand so I had to open a pasta sauce. For the next few days we fed it and then poof, one morning we went to check on it was a chrysalis! We were so excited to see that the caterpillar was beginning the transformation process.

I immediately went to the library as the last time I learned about this I was in Mrs. Campbell's second grade class. So armed with books and chock full of information, Mickey is now the complete authority on the life cycle of butterflies!

We are not sure what kind of butterfly will hatch, but I am certain that it is not a Monarch as the chrysalis is different than that of a monarch. We are having so much fun learning about this as a family and are so excited for the metamorphosis
to be complete! Although we have been warned that many a butterfly never make due to parasites.
Micky assures me that this will not happen to our Chrysalis. phew.
Here is a tidbit that I did not know : a cocoon and chrysalis are different. Butterflies hatch from chrysalis, not cocoons. Cocoons are a wrapped webbing, and a chrysalis starts as a protein jelly- like substance that hardens around the caterpillar. Aren't you glad that you read this blog? Don't you feel smarter now?? ;)
I guess since this is our family pet, we ought to name it! Any suggestions??


Wee said...

Enjoyed this post! We have raised several caterpillars over the years, all monarchs. Right now we're watching the metamorphis process from tadpole to frog. We've released two and have two more to go.

P.S. We'll be anxious to hear what species of caterpillar you have!

Nancy said...

My vote is a PUPPY for Mickey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janelle said... took almost 8 months for our moth to emerge from it's cocoon. Have patience!!! :)

Amy Cherise said...

DITTO NANCY!! xoxo, sophie and cole :)

Anonymous said...

Well, you inspired me with this story :) I do think he should have a dog. But, on a nother note...we have a garden spider in our back yard that has been there since a few months ago. Today, when we got home from our trip to see my family, we noticed the spider has doubled in in size. But, the coolest part is that she has laid an egg. We researched garden spiders and confirmed it. We immediatley took both the girls (who have been watching her -and the male when he was nearby)to see how she has grown and went into a lesson on spiders eggs! I'm sooo excited!!

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