Thursday, July 16, 2009

Neurology visit

Just walked in from the neurologist and wanted to give a quick update! First off, the Doctor was wonderful and was very understanding.

My ultimate fear was that I have some symptoms of ALS. Which is a fatal disease where the muscles atrophy. I have had twitching muscles all over my body for two weeks now, and the twitching can be an indicator of ALS. yes, that put me into full panic mode.

My doctor watched and felt the twitches and did not think they were indicative of the normal ALS type of twitches. He did not rule out the possibility of ALS, but that it is low probability that I have that disease. (insert sigh of 3/4 relief). More testing will be done next week.

I am getting tested for MS which is more likely due to my age and additional symptoms. An MRI give us more answers there.

My doctor thinks the greatest "possibility" is that I have nerve damage due to a viral infection. He said the twitches can result from that and last anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months.

There is also more blood testing to be done next week for heavy metal poisoning, lyme diseases and other things.

So I do feel a measure of relief. thank you God!

So why do I not feel like doing cartwheels? I think I am just jaded from all the stuff that we have been through with Mickey ( for those of you who read my blog uploaded to facebook-- I refer to my children as Mickey and Minnie). His allergies have never fit the "text book". His allergies are.. well... uncharted as his doctor says.

So the fact that there is a possibility of ALS even though it would not be the "classic case" is still unsettling to me. I guess we have had experiences in being the abnormal case that total peace eludes me. And we will know more next week.

So guys, thank you for praying and lifting me up. This has been such a hard time emotionally for me. God has definitely been here with me, drawing me to Him and revealing to me my weaknesses that I have yet to surrender to Him.

So keep praying, just your little notes telling me that you are praying bring huge comfort to me.

Several of my friends and family members have bent over backwards supporting me by hanging out with me and keeping my mind off the physical symptoms. I love you and never stop thanking God for the wonderful people in my life.


smw said...

everything you are thinking and feeling makes total sense to me. i'm glad for a measure of reassurance, even though it's not complete. (and i surely understand why it's not). i will still pray for you.

Wee said...

So thankful for the bit of relief you received today. We'll still be prayerful as you await more tests.

Anonymous said...

Praising the Lord and thanking Him for a good Doctor appointment and some reassurance. We will continue to pray! Love, Mom

Janelle said...

Thanks for the update, Tricia! We will continue to pray for you as you get more tests done. May God give you peace during this time of waiting.

Nancy said...

Praise God for an understanding doctor and additional testing. We love you and will continue to lift you up in prayer! Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

You know I am praying for you, believe in you and believe in God taking care of every detail in your life...even when you don't realize He is always orchestrating a plan for you and your dear family!! I love you, amy cherise

Anonymous said...

Hey, Tricia. I just started reading your blog. Thankful for what you've heard so far, but will continue praying for you.


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