Friday, July 3, 2009


Welcome to my first giveaway!! I love these devotional Cd's!!!! I bought them about a year ago on eBay. Mickey does not nap anymore, so he will play for an hour in his room. During this time he can play with tractors, dinosaurs, Lego's or puzzles.
One day I had this brilliant idea to have him listen to these devotionals while playing. Its great! God's Word soaks into his mind while he plays.
I found some more of these at The Dollar Tree and I was so excited! I already gave two to my nephew for his birthday and I have one left!!! My sister in law ran out to our local Dollar Tree and snatched the rest up.
So sorry if you live in our area!
I will be giving away Parables of Jesus. It includes eight devotionals about the parables that Jesus taught.
You are eligible for this giveaway by leaving a comment on this post!! I will mail it to you or give it to you depending on your location!!
Another WONDERFUL bible CD set is called The Word and Song Bible. It goes through each book of the bible and has great songs. Mine is a set: a Bible and set of CD's, but the set is not available any longer, but there are some CD sets available through They are are well worth the money. I love the fact the Mickey is getting God's word in so many different ways!
Leave a comment today and I will put your names in a bowl and pull out the name of a winner! If there is only one comment... well, then you are the winner!! Grandma's and Aunts, this is great to have at your house for when the little munchkins come visiting!


Wendy said...

Oh, I get to be first! I hope that is good luck! I enjoy your blog!

sarah said...

I hope I win. Sounds great. Love, Sarah

Janelle Ringger said...

pick me, pick me! Just kidding, I don't want them.

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