Saturday, July 4, 2009

Flag Cake

As you know, I cook dairy free. So look at these two things that I used to make a Flag Cake today.......

Would you ever believe that a "Butter Recipe Golden" cake mix and Cream Cheese Frosting would not have one hint of milk protein?????!

I know, its shocking!

Now not all the brands of cake mixes and cream cheese frosting are milk-free, but the two pictured about really are!! So I whipped up a cake and made a flag out of it. You know, for Independence Day! After all, it is a celebration of our amazing nation's birthday!

I did not use pink frosting. The strawberries bled a little :)The white things are marshmallows cut in half lengthwise. It was fun to see the my little nephews eyes light up at the sight of a cake. I felt a warm glowy feeling inside when one said, "It looks like a FLAG!" phew.. I was hoping it was obvious!

We went to a fun little parade. It was the weirdest weather for the Fourth of July--misty and cool. We don't let Mickey pick up any candy as there are only a few candies that are safe for him to eat. Of course many of them are chocolate (which usually contains milk) or there is a natural banana flavor in some of the fruity ones. We bring his own treats along but I still get a twinge of sadness in my tummy that he can't experience the joy that he sees the other kids getting as they dive after the sugary morsels.

We enjoyed an afternoon with family. It was a special treat as Grandma and Grandpa were here visiting for they had come to behold The Zaugg Team's new precious baby.

By the way, I am a kleptomaniac! I don't even trust myself these days. A few months ago, I took home my sister-in-law's leather jacket as I thought it was mine. Two weeks ago I accidentally stole my mother-in-laws sunglasses. Maybe I just have something against in-laws :)
Since I was going to be seeing my mother in law today, I decided that I should return her sunglasses. So wrapped them up in a towel so that they would not get scratched and put them in the box of things we were taking into the The Zaugg Team's house.
I ceremoniously produced the stolen sunglasses and apologized profusely. I had called her the minute I had figured out my transgression, so she was expecting them. My mother in law took the sunglasses for a second and said, "oh these are not mine".
I looked at them and sure enough, I had gingerly wrapped up my OWN sunglasses to return. What in the world??? Apparently I am losing it. I mean I guess its lucky that I steal from family! Lets all hope that I don't start shoplifting from stores that press charges!!!
So if you are around me, watch your belongings carefully!

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Caroline said...

Sounds like fun! Matthew saw a cake like this at the store and thought it was about the coolest thing ever, maybe I'll make it next year. :)

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