Monday, June 29, 2009

Strawberry Longcakes?!

"I don't want Strawberry Shortcake," Mickey stated emphatically, "I want Strawberry Longcake!" Really, he is not contrary at all... ha! So we let him make his longcakes and he was quite pleased with the result.

Tonight he requested that I shape his "shortcake" into a dinosaur and I put my foot down at that request.

Here is our favorite Strawberry Longcake recipe. Both Hubby and I grew up with this recipe and is our very favorite. It is straight from the Bisquick box.

2 and 1/3 cups Original Bisquick (big yellow box found in baking aisle)
1/2 cup milk (we use rice milk--soy would be fine as well)
3 TB butter or margarine (we use the soy butter sticks by earthbalance)
3 TB sugar

mix it all up and plop it on cookie sheet or stone. flatten out to make the extraordinary Longcakes and bake at 425 for 10-12 minutes

Top with sugared and sliced strawberries. Put in a dollop of soy ice cream, or just pour a little rice milk in and you have a very excellent summer dessert.

CAUTION: may add additional poundage and may not fit into bridesmaid dress!!!!! see this post.

allergy side note: milk allergies and egg allergies often go hand in hand. We are finally s l o w l y introducing egg into his diet. This is how it goes: first give child a few bites of "baked-in egg" that means that it has been cooked at high temp for over 30 minutes. So like a cake or such. The reasoning behind this is that heat changes the protein of the egg making it less allergenic. That is not true for milk. Milk baked into things does not change its allergenic properties.

If the cake is tolerated, try a pancake.

Then if that is tolerated, give one bite of scrambled egg.

And that is what we did tonight. Mickey had ONE bite of scrambled egg. He was so excited. He prayed, "Please God, please don't create hives on me from this egg. (pause pause) Do what is best, and not what I want!

A big sigh of relief for no hives! We will try it again in a couple of days. Two bites next time! Its a anxiety-producing process for sure!


smw said...

the long cakes idea is SO much like something smith would say. they certainly have their ideas, don't they? i can imagine a bit of your slowness and anxiety in introducing things. we're slowly working towards solids with faye, and it's always the fear that she's going to flare up again. i'll pray that the eggs go well!!

Sarah Paynter said...

I LOVE strawberry shortcake. And I use the bisquick receipe too. How delicious! Love, Sarah

Jen said...

Thos look and sound oh so yummy! I may have to make those while on vacation.

Anonymous said...

Sooo glad to hear the first bite of egg went well! Hope & pray for more sucessful bites! God bless!

Lynette said...

yummy! sounds great!

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