Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sixty Never Looked So GOOD!

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Mother. She turns 60 today! She is the kind of mother that every girl dreams of.

She is full of love, quick to encourage, never complains, a powerful prayer warrior, and so fun to be around! She used to hit the waterslides every year on her birthday. Now she "lunches" with her close friends!

Its only been two years since Hubby and I moved back to this area. I don't take for granted one day the precious time that I get to spend with my mother. So many of her birthdays passed where I longed to see her but could only hear her voice on the phone.

Last night the two of us went out for Sushi, went to a park and walked along Mighty Mississippi.

Such simple moments.

So savored.

May I age as gracefully as my zestful mother!

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