Sunday, June 14, 2009

Its Over and We Survived!

Wow this blog thing is such a blessing! I got several messages of encouragement and you prayed us through!! Thank you! The prayers were graciously answered by our Lord. We woke up early on Friday morning as we had a two hour drive to our allergist appointment which was at 10 am. We had gotten everything ready the night before so that we could have a smooth morning. I had stayed up quite late writing my blog post but it was worth it as it really helped me to release some of the emotional tension and apprehension that had been building. The whole trip and appointment went very well and I am so glad that it is over with.
The best news is that Mickey was such a brave trooper for all 10 of his skin pricks.
He does have the world's greatest grandma who bought him NEW dinosaurs for the event. These were not ordinary dinosaurs, no, these were dinosaurs with interchangeable parts! Mickey was so intrigued with the idea that he could create new creatures! Thank you mom!
So after every prick, His little eyes would water with tears and he would hold out his hand and I would hand him a dinosaur part from the bag.
OH and did I mention that I went to the library and checked out three Land Before Time DVD's that he was able to watch during the pricks?
No Panic!
No Screaming!
No Begging for Mercy!
No Frazzled Parents!

Here is what we learned from the skin prick test (SPT) :

Mickey is still allergic to milk

Mickey is definitely allergic to bananas

Mickey had a negative skin test to avocado (although his blood tests positive), kiwi and mango. He was tested with fresh milk and fresh banana as well as the regular milk and banana extracts generally used for testing as his Dr. wanted to compare results.

Here is the baffling thing... the extracts were negative. Only the fresh resulted in a positive test. It was only by chance that they used fresh milk on him. If we would have not seen the fresh milk positive, we would have thought that he had outgrown his milk allergy and we would have begun a huge emotional process of trying milk again!

So what does that mean we ask the allergist? She told us that it means that Mickey does not fit into any categories when it comes to allergies. He is a one of a kind!

So nothing really has changed. Except for the fact that we can feed Mickey avocado, mango and kiwi again. That will be nice! We of course still need to be cautious when he eats these as they are still cross-reactive with the banana.

His Dr. says that we still have to really be cautious with his exposure to latex (natural rubber) as he is high risk if not already allergic. We have the option of going to Mayo Clinic as they have a non -FDA approved latex skin prick test to find out whether he already has the allergy or not. We are opting not to do this as

1. the non -FDA approved is a bit unsettling !!!

2. It does not change anything for our life as even if he is not allergic today, he could come into contact with balloons tomorrow and become allergic due to cross-reactivity.

Overall it was good to talk with our allergist about our concerns and we will go back in March to get Mickey retested for milk in hopes that he will have outgrown it by then. We will not be retesting banana for a long time as it is considered a life-long allergy.

And where was little Miss Minnie during all this?

Minnie was entertained by her Papa for 2 whole hours in the waiting room. She basked in the attention and she formed a pretty tight bond with her Papa last Friday! She even started saying "papa!" That is a very high honor as she does not even say mama yet.

Sidenote: (When Mickey was learning to talk, he could say tractor, excavator and his favorite baby food-squash corn chicken ALL before he could say "mama"! hmmm)

Okay back to our day at the allergist.

So to reward our son for his bravery, we took him to the zoo and had a wonderful time. It was exceptionally special as papa got to spend the day with us!

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Anonymous said...

I remembered you in prayer last Friday as you went for the dreaded appointment. I am glad that things went reasonably well for all involved. Isn't it wonderful that there are those knowledgeable in the field who can give you some answers? BTW: I LOVE your blog postings! They bring many smiles to my face. Love you guys....Deb

Jeremy & Nancy said...

Yeah Mickey! You are a brave little Tyrannosaurus Rex! We covered all of you in prayer! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Praising the Lord for a good Dr. visit! We are so proud of the brave little Mickey....and love him so much! Email me some photos for my digital book about the day, including some zoo ones with papa. Love Mom

Sarah Paynter said...

Tricia, Glad to hear the appt wasn't too bad. I still think of you often esp all the allergy stuff. Meredith has been doing great. No reactions in a long time and we even eat peanut butter in the house. She is very careful and always asks if a new food or snack it has nuts in it. So smart. I love reading your blog. Keep it up. Love, Sarah

Janelle said...

We were praying for you! I'm so glad it went as well as it did, and that you enjoyed the zoo!

Chef Mom said...

It was nice to read about your family. All the best to Mickey, hopefully his allergies get better as he gets older. I'm glad your allergy apointment went as well as it did.

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