Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

We had a busy and fun-filled weekend. We traveled to NW Iowa to visit Hubby's parents. We traveled late late Thurs night so that the kids could sleep and we could listen to an audio book. The car ride was a bit eerie as the last time we had driven up to visit them was on Christmas Day and we ended up losing control on black ice. We flipped our van and got stranded at a hospital in central Iowa as our van was crashed and there were no rental cars available. I was really surprised to learn that Mickey was aware that this was our first trip back. He said, " I really hope we don't crash into the ditch again. Last time we drove to Papa Norm's we crashed."

I am happy to report that we had a SAFE trip and a wonderful time. As I have been plotting this blog post I realized that we crammed A LOT into this weekend!

Friday morning began with quite the treat--Grandma Polly's famous cinnamon rolls! We devour them, love them, crave them! They are amazing and truly the best in the world. Let's just say that we got our fill of carbs this weekend!
Minnie was in love with the Cabbage Patch dolls!

Mickey loves to be out on the farm...

I love this father and son photo.

I am sure that Papa Norm had nothing better to do than to entertain Mickey with tractor rides!

Friday evening we went into West Bend. Home of the famous Grotto! It is a shrine built with precious stones and gems that portrays the life of Jesus. It is beautiful and is sometimes referred to as the 9th Wonder of the World.

And then we went to visit Mickey and Minnie's Great Grandma. Minnie was not too friendly but Mickey was quite affectionate and really enjoys the toys she has for the young 'uns.

Then on Saturday we went to a family reunion on my side! I know... its crazy... my dad grew up in the same area as my husband.
This is my mom and dad, the Mousekin Family and Great Grandpa Metzger. Mickey had fun playing with cousins he never knew he had and my parents enjoyed showing off their cute grandkids! Most everyone was very aware of Mickey's allergies and were very supportive and understanding. We purposely attended the reunion in between meals so that we did not have to mess with bringing our own food.
Hubby's parents attended an estate auction while we were at the family reunion and my mother in law won an awesome high-end set of stainless steel cookware for us! YAY! I love it so much already!
Oh, you thought surely our fun had come to an end and that we would start winding down... OH NO! Not us!! We were on a ROLL!
On Saturday night we had the pleasure of attending our very first vow renewal ceremony! Our good friends Wendal and Nichole Metzger decided to commemorate their 15th anniversary by renewing their vows. Nichole described it this way, "We got married 15 years ago, but this time we invited God."
Wendal and Nichole are an incredible example of a marriage and life transformed by Jesus. It was a night of celebration, praise and friendship. Sunday came and our fun weekend was winding down. On the way home we stopped in Ames (where Mouseymom and Hubby fell in love) and visited Reimen Gardens that was featuring a dinosaur exhibit and butterfly house. I would like to say that it was a blast. But really it was miserably hot, and that sucked so much enjoyment out of the deal. I wish we could go back on a day where we did not have sweat dripping from every appendage! We were all quite grumpy by the time we left!
The rest of the trip home was one that nearly catapulted Hubby and I into insanity. Minnie discovered that she could shriek at a decibel that I am pretty sure is copyrighted by Mariah Carey. This lasted intermittedly for 3 hours. Hubby said his ear drums are permanently damaged. We literally would cringe and hold our breath when she screeched! It was like fingernails on a chalkboard!

The weekend ended in a sweet celebration. When we got home we gave Hubby his Father's Day present--an indoor remote-controlled helicopter. We had a blast flying that little thing all over the house! Minnie was very hesitant about this little flying copter, but then decided that she wanted to conquer it and eat it. We rescued the copter from its demise just in time!

It was so cute to watch the kids clamor and climb all over Hubby. The memory of it makes me smile as I write this. I am so thankful for a Daddy that devotes himself to our family. Hubby cares about our spiritual well-being over anything and I love that

To any single gal out there--you will never understand how incredibly important it is to marry a man who is passionate about God until after you are married. I have posed this question to a friend who was weighing the question of whether or not her boyfriend was marriage material: "if you get married, have children, then find out that you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.. could you rest in trusting that this man could and would give your children a solid spiritual foundation in your absence? "

A man that loves God is a treasure. Thank you God for Hubby and his sacrifices and love for our family!

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