Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Deceptively cute, a little disgusting!

Here she is. Little Troublemaker!

I heard Mickey say to Minnie a few weeks ago, " Minnie, you are SO disgusting! You are not even part of our family!"

I whisked Mickey to time-out and preached a sermon and a half to him that went something like this: "we are family no matter what! Our family is like a circle (made a circle with my arms with my hands clasped at one end.) You are always part of this circle because of love and nothing that anyone in the family does can change that. We always accept each other; We always love each other and we are ALWAYS family and will always be here for one another.

Mickey was very repentant and he asked if he could apologize to Minnie. I stood back as I watched him very sincerely approach his sister with his sweet, high voice:
"Minnie, I am so sorry that I said that you were not part of our family. You ARE a part of our family and I love you. Our family is a circle (he showed her the circle bit with the arms) and we always love each other no matter what."

Then he lowered his head to hers so that they were eye to eye and he said slowly,
"But Minnie,





Really she has a knack for doing disgusting things! See here for our first clue that our baby girl was not the prim and proper type!
She continually makes a run for the toilets! We are TRYING to do the following to cut down on this grossness:
1. flush
2. close toilet lid
3. close bathroom door
4.watch child
5. ground myself from reading blogs and Facebook!
I recently found her frantically eating all the delicious morsels trapped between Solomon's booster seat and the chair. She screamed in great protest when I removed her from the pit of disgustingness.
Last Friday she was enjoying sucking on a clump of mud that our shoes had inadvertently brought into the house.
Yesterday she promptly emptied out the garbage in the kitchen. She of course was swimming in raw chicken slime.
And today, Minnie was trying to catch the spider that was scurrying across the living room. She did not have the opportunity to eat it.. but she would have!
Yes, she does have a propensity for the disgusting.
But she is still in our family circle.
And we love her!
p.s. by the way, after writing this post I decided to change the web address of my blog. I was constantly typing it incorrectly and opted for a simpler one. In doing this I lost a bunch people from my blog list so I will have to go back and enter manually when I have time. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Anonymous said...


This is priceless! I can just hear you saying all these things to Mickey. What a riot! You will be so glad you wrote these things down. Sounds like there is never a dull moment at your house! ~Deb

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