Monday, June 15, 2009

The Things You Hear at the Zoo!

In case you did not know... baboons have very brightly colored behinds.

We were at the zoo on Friday and there was a pile of kids pressed up against the glass watching these amazing baboons.

Our three year old was somewhere in the chaos. Everyone was commenting on the baboons as they were being very active and they are very strange-looking. I was not really zeroing in on what anyone was saying exactly, until I hear a VERY familiar high-pitched voice objecting, "IT IS NOT A COLORFUL BUTT! IT IS A COLORFUL BEHIND! You SHOULD NOT say BUTT!!!"

Yep, there was our little Napoleon giving a responsible-looking mother about my age a full fledged lecture. About 8 little kids that once had their noses pressed to the glass all turned to now watch the accused mother respond. She was horrified of course and apologized profusely. Mickey was pleased with his success and we tried very hard to stifle our amusement.

I bet THAT lady never says butt carelessly again :)

Obviously we need to ramp up our discussions on respecting adults. Why is it that kids will latch on to some "rules" but seem to forget all about the other ones???


Wendy said...

That is too cute! Aren't you so proud that he has learned what not to say!

Janelle said...

Ha ha! Or in Ashley's case, she remembers ALL the rules. She just has to make sure that everyone ELSE follows them. For some reason, she thinks they don't apply to her :)

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