Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Who Prays for Dinosaurs Anyway?

Mickey (age 3) is in to Dinosaurs! It was an interest that came on suddenly. When Mickey becomes interested in something... he devotes his whole being to it. I can hear several of you chuckling as you recall your own interactions with my son. Perhaps you were one of the lucky ones to be growled at by a pint-sized dinosaur at church. Or perhaps you have been categorized by him as a John Deere if you were wearing green, an International if you were wearing red, or an Allis Chalmers if you were wearing orange....you get the picture. His previous obsession was tractors.

Well, today he was playing dinosaurs and I heard him praying...fervently... "Dear God, please don't kill us dinosaurs, we just want to LIVE! Please don't make us extinct! In Jesus Name, amen! Bless his little heart!

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Anonymous said...

Remember the BALL obsession. :) Sarah

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