Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Let me just ask you this, how uneasy would you be if a police officer peels into the side street where you are teaching your son to ride a bike, comes to a screeching halt and pulls out a pad of paper and starts scribbling on it???? Yes I realize that was a run-on sentence. Forgive me.

My mind is racing as to what sort of violation I have committed!

Has my neighbor turned me in knowing I left my baby asleep in her crib for a few minutes while I dashed outside with my dad and son?

Are we in trouble since he is riding his bike on a dead end street instead of a sidewalk?

Do new bikers need a permit or something?

Okay I was getting a little carried away with that last one!

Well, it turned out fine. More than fine, actually! My son was "cited" for being safe and wearing his helmet. He received his first ticket replete with a sticker and free frosty. Of course Mickey has no idea what a Wendy's frosty is (pretty sure they contain milk :)

So here is a bit of how the latex allergy affects our daily life. We had been wanting to get Solomon a bike for several months. However we were unable to find a company that did not have latex tires. I could not even track down a company that could tell me if their bike handles were made of latex or not. "Yeah, they probably are, " said a very unhelpful customer non-service rep. "We would have to call to China to see." Bikes just don't come with an ingredient list you see.

So I tried a different company that seemed a little more inclined to help but has not called back in 4 weeks. Meanwhile our 3.5 year old was dying for a bike. So we bought him one and removed the bike handles. We will have to hunt down some bike grips that are not made of natural rubber/latex or come up with an alternate plan. Duct tape and a lot of adhesives also contain latex so we can't substitute that.

The tires are still unsafe for him to come into contact with so we have taught him to not touch the tires. We will try to have him wear jeans in case of a fall so the rubber tires would not come into contact with a wound which could cause a severe reaction. A few extra concerns, but Mickey is so delighted with his bike and his progress. Tonight as my mom and I were strollering the kids, Mickey shouted out to some random kids, " I have a NEW bike and I'm gettin' good at it!"

He sure is... take a look!

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One other funny thing happened on our walk tonight. A black cat passed our path and Mickey thought the cat looked like one that had visited our backyard a few weeks ago that we all wanted to adopt. Mickey then addressed my mother, "I am so excited that we saw Boots again, I REALLY like that cat! Grandmary, you can't KILL him, Okay!!!" (said very emphatically and accusatory)

Mom was horrified that her grandson thought that she would be some manic animal murderer!

Mom.. she wouldn't hurt a flea!


Becky said...

If you or your hubs are the entrepreneur types, it sounds like you have a new product to market!! Find out how to make a mold for bike handles! :) (Are tires made from a mold? I have no idea?!!)

LOVE LOVE LOVE that your local police are giving "I Got Caught" stickers and citations!! That's fantastic!

I need to get out with my 6 year old more often so we can get his training wheels off! Thanks for the motivation! :)

Janice said...

we have kittens :) all outdoor :) and two mamas :) all ready to leave :) hint hint....

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