Thursday, May 7, 2009

An Ode to Friendship!

I am feeling all nostalgic and mushy. I just got off the phone with my friend Amy. We talked for 2.5 hours and could have talked for a few more days. We celebrate 20 years of friendship this year. It is an unusual friendship as we have never lived close to each other. We have essentially been "phone friends" My mom used to tease me that Amy and I would need to put phones to our ears if we ever spent time in person together. We go years without seeing each other. I see her kids grow up through pictures and stories.

We are not each others' "BEST FRIENDS", we simply play a role in each other's lives that is unique and wonderful. We don't have the "day to day" friendship, and that is okay. In fact we sometimes undergo huge transitions in our lives and forget to tell each other. It usually comes up later!

We have even acknowledged that if we did live by each other, we are not sure that our friendship would flourish. We are very different and our families are amazed that we have such a close friendship.

I was 13 and she was 12 when we first became friends. I was visiting my oldest sister several states away and she arranged for me to stay overnight with Amy, a girl from her church. I had no idea that sleepover would change my life and give birth to an amazing unconditional friendship.

What makes our friendship so special?

We embrace each others differences. It sounds so simple, yet it's intentional.

Deep friendships are not limited to those within driving distance!

When our phone conversations end, I feel a greater depth of knowing myself. My mind right now is churning as the stuff we discussed stirs my soul. Proverbs 27:17 says, "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Amy inspires me to be honest with myself, to face my failures and to embrace my passions. She inspires me to honor my husband and to unapologetically pursue what is best for my children. I admire her passion for the abused, forgotten and voiceless.

Sometimes when I feel down, I remind myself that somewhere in Amy's house she keeps a "Tricia file"--memoirs of our two decades of friendship!

So I dedicate this post not just to Amy but to all of my treasured friends that have given me glimpses of God's love through your sacrificial friendship.


Amy Cherise said...

Trish: I love you!!!! Thank you!!!! Your words are priceless and ones I will always hold close to me. You are so kind.
I have always loved your zeal for life - your beauty continues to shine through you. Our friendship starting 20 years ago, has enabled me to embrace other friendships that without ours as a backdrop, I don't think it would been possilbe to embrace - because upfront there were many differences. And yet that is what makes our friendship beyond beautiful: our friendship is not based on if we are go on the same vacation, go to the same club, shop at the same place, have our kids go to the same school - but rather that unsaid "I have your back" and I love you so much I will be honest... in the way that you will not always want to hear...but we are able to be brave with each other because we know at the end of the end day we will never let the other walk a journey by ourselves and support each other no matter what.... And if that isn't a picture of a best friend - I dont know what is.
Sweet sweet blessing to all of your soul friends and thanks for keeping your heart open to me as I have taken you on countless journeys over the years. Your support has enabled me to stand taller in life. I love you, am proud of you, and will always care for you. amy cherise
ps. i will have to find a way to put this one in my file under "TRICIA"
hugs from atlanta!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about your long lost friend, Cheryl in SC. I think we had some good times, conversations and bonding...especially during the 10 months I worked from home :)

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