Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Mystery of the Large Wet Spot!

Hubby was putting him to bed last night when Mickey revolted, "I am not going to sleep in there! There is pee in that bed!" Sure enough, Mickey pulled the covers back to reveal a 20 inch wet spot.

Hubby called out for back up and super-sleuth mommy came to the rescue! I began the interrogation. "Did he have wet pj's when he woke up this morning?" Did he have wet jeans after his room time this afternoon? The answers to these questions were NO! Hmmmm. Interesting.

AHA!!! I bet the sippy cup leaked!!! That was a plausible answer until I smelled the wet spot. Then I asked Mickey, who was giving us no leads as to what could have possibly happened, "Mickey, did you pull down your jeans and underwear and pee in your bed?"

"Oh yes! That is what I did! I did not know where the potty was. "

Poor child, how traumatic it must have been for him to completely forget the layout of our small ranch house. I mean, if he would have opened the door of his room, he would have been looking directly INTO the bathroom.

At this point I see smoke billowing from Hubby's ears.

We figured out after a little more grilling that Mickey was so entrenched listening to his bible on CD that he did NOT want to miss out on any crucial story details, so he simply stood up, pulled down his pants, and emptied his bladder.

AAAAAHHHH! (That is the sound of Mickey's parents screaming in utter dismay!!!!!)
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3 comments: said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (that's the sound of both Chad and I cracking up!!) ha ha ha!!

Jeremy & Nancy said...

Ha. What a clever little fellow! Giggles from me.

Rachel Miller said...

This is I am assuming The Word and Song Bible? I am glad that he enjoys it so much. Our family has incorporated many quotes from those CDs.
As far as pulling down his pants and peeing in his bed...unbelievable. As I was writing this my 6-month-old just burped and with parent-like reflexes I reached out my hand just in time to catch the puddle of regurgitated breast milk...It is a good thing we love our kids so much.

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