Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

No one can accuse of us not taking full advantage of the wonderful weekend.
We packed a lot in.
Nick took a vacation day on Friday and we filled up the van and drove a few hours to partake in our fun Potluck group called the "Overcommitters Potluck" I don't think that our potluck originally had a name, but the name evolved out of the realization that it was next to impossible to schedule a get-together due to all of our social activities.
Four out of the five families have food allergies or intolerances. Wheat, Milk, Eggs, and Nuts are all avoided if you have us all together. We decided to do a picnic where every family provided their own food. That worked out really good for all of us and was so simple! We all laughed at how nine years ago we had appetizers, fancy food, and china and now we just bring a picnic dinner! Its good to be flexible!
I think that we have been meeting for 9 years now. We started out as 5 couples... and now we have 12 kids between us and two more little girls will be adopted before we meet next time. Here is a link to our photo that we took in the park on Friday:

Oh, but our evening did not end after potluck! I had been searching on Craigslist for a bike trailer and since we were traveling, I searched the surrounding cities of our destination and had great success. So we hauled off to a neighboring town to become the proud new owner of a bike trailer--you know, those little cage-like things that kids ride in behind their parent's bikes) Yes, I know that there have been some Craigslist murders and all, but this was a perfect transaction not even a smidge of violence.
One would think that responsible parents would get their kids to bed after such a day chock full of fun. Oh no, not us... we could not bear to be in such close in proximity to Nancy (hubby's sis)and Jeremy's house and NOT stop in to see them! Mickey was so sad that his cousins were fast asleep (after all it was after 10pm!)but had a great time playing with their toys!
And then we arrived at our final destination... my cousin Ashley's house where we spent the night!
The next morning I whisked off to David's Bridal for a fitting for a bridesmaid dress. I am in Cheryl's wedding in South Carolina in November. I think this is my 13th time as a bridesmaid and every time I have troubles with the dress. My last wedding, the alterations ended up exceeding the price of the dress!!!!! This time I was right in-between sizes. **bother*** The 10 was too snug and the 12 was swimming on me (meaning lots of money for alterations). So I did the irresponsible thing and ordered the size 10 and vowed to never eat again. Well, except for celery :)
Then the family loaded in the van again and attended a wedding reception for Tiffany Wieland. Tiffany and I became Blood Sisters in third grade. The first time we met, we decided that we were destined to be forever friends so we pulled a pine needle from a tree, mingled blood and ceremoniously vowed unending loyalty. I know, I was into drama at a wee age.
As I wrote out her wedding card, I plucked a pine needle from a tree that was near the same place our ceremony had taken place and put in her card.
Its really quite amazing that I had sanctioned this whole event and now as a grown woman I cannot get my finger pricked without fainting!

We then headed home to a wonderful steak (I mean celery) dinner at my parents. The occasion was that my sister Janelle was home visiting. She lives in Michigan and comes home once a year all by herself (sans husband and kids) to hang out.
Oh, this is Mickey the T-Rex. This is his default look. He walks around like this ALL day most days.

Sunday after church we tried out our new bike trailer at the park. So fun!

And on Memorial Day, we spent the day with Paul(hubby's bro) and Jodi and their family. I am so annoyed with myself that I did not take any pictures!!! We meant to have a picnic at a park but the rain kept us indoors. Although we live only 15 minutes apart, we don't get a lot of lazy days with them. So today was a relaxing day spent eating, playing, bike riding and I got some errands done!
I called my grandpa Joe and thanked him for his bravery in the service as a young man in WWII. He was shot in the arm as he was crawling through the grass to aid a wounded soldier. He has a purple heart as a reward for his bravery.
My grandpa used to come to my Sunday School class and to my High School to share about war times. I was so proud that he was my grandpa, I still am. His broad shoulders are not what they used to be, his skin is wrinkled and his mind is getting fuzzy but my grandpa Joe has a heart that never stops loving.

He is a hero!

All gave some.. some gave all.

Thank you soldiers. We get to bask in the freedom of having wonderful weekends like these because of you.

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Kristy L said...

Yay- the bike trailer worked out! How fun! So great to be with you guys.

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