Friday, May 22, 2009

Monkeying Around!

I LOVE toddler imaginations. It is fascinating to see what their minds can conjure. Mickey got his hands on this lovely hand-knit scarf-lovingly crafted for me by my Australian friend, Hema. It was immediately transformed into a monkey tail.

Of course.

He sailed around the backyard leaping and zooming about. He did look rather monkey-like.

He was inspired by a video documentary that we got about Monkeys. "The Life of Mammals"-a four volume documentary by BBC video. We love documentaries as you can USUALLY expect fabulous information for little minds to soak up. However Hubby was a bit shocked as he caught a glimpse of our son learning all about how *ahem* baby monkeys are really made (cough cough). Narrated in a crisp British accent, no less.

So needless to say, we were relieved that our son's re-enactment of monkey fun was just skittering around the yard with a fluffy magenta tail!!!

You gotta watch out for those dicey documentaries!!!

I showed him this video and after he watched it a few times he looked at me with confusion and said, "Mommy! That (pointing to himself in the video) is ********(his name) NOT MICKEY!!" Poor thing... I am sure that was a bit disconcerting that he thought his own mother did not remember his name.

These moments are precious and carefree.

The essence of childhood.

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Anonymous said...

Love it! I knew that scarf would come in useful for something :)


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