Monday, May 4, 2009

I could not resist!

I could not resist the GORGEOUS weather this weekend so I ignored my baskets of laundry and our family spent most of the time outside! It was really the perfect weekend. Well, it would have been truly perfect if some magical being would have folded my laundry and scrubbed down my house whilst I and my family were soaking in the lovely days!

Saturday morning started out with garage sales! It was our town garage-sale day and the street was hopping! I strolled the baby down our street to look for bargains and of course socialize! Then somehow the family ended up at the local plant nursery and bought a bunch of plants! Sigh.. we are just so weak... we love flowers. Budget Smudget is what happens when we go inside a greenhouse full of lush flowers and greenery!

Then on Sunday we took a picnic lunch and went for a hunt in the woods. Mickey was looking for a dinosaur bone and I was looking for Morel mushrooms. Shockingly enough.. Mickey had better luck that I! Okay.. so maybe it was a cow bone... but he was beyond delighted and counted it a successful day for Paleontology! He did have high hopes of finding a fully preserved dinosaur skeleton... maybe next time!

Hubby packed a nice picnic lunch and baby LOVED being hauled around in her backpack which also doubles as a seat during the picnic! We looked for fossils in the stream, and we basked in the blessings of being able to enjoy the beautiful day. We love to be in God's creation... it is always a time of worship.

And every perfect Sunday includes this sight... my wonderful husband relaxing with the newspaper!

Even though its Monday, the weekend was so amazing that my joy has poured over into today! Thank you God, for blessing us this weekend with perfect weather, quality time together as a family, building memories and enjoying Your creation!


Amy Cherise said...

You are a friend after my own heart...spending money on flowers!!! on a serious note...yes - it is 20 years of unconditional friendship...xoxo from atlanta!!!

Jeremy & Nancy said...

Ohhh! What a fun weekend! Loving the little paleontologist and brown eyed sweetheart!
I am super excited to get some flowers around this place. It always feels as though decorating outdoors is just an extention of indoors (and it brightens up the neighborhood)! Besides, who doesn't like to be welcomed into a home by colorful buds?!

Thanks for all of the fun posts. Welcome to the bloggers world! :) We love you!

Jane said...

Beautiful colors in your pictures. Great fun--I've been praising God for the sunshine too.

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