Saturday, May 30, 2009

Favorite Things!

I feel like humming the song from Sound of Music..."I simply remember my favorite things..." I have so many favorite things that I am constantly wanting to share with people. I think I will make this a regular blog posting. Now I know a lot of Bloggers stick to a schedule.. certain topics on certain days and so on. Well, unlike the rest of the world that gravitates towards order, I prefer my disorganized and scattered ways :) So as I feel inspired, I will share with you a few of my favorite things.

Today in the spotlight are my children's notebooks. For two years I was plagued with guilt every time I would share a funny story about Mickey and the person would say, "Oh you HAVE to write that down!" I never could come up with a workable place to keep all of his stories.... until I came up with these:

These are spiral bound notebooks that I got from Shutterfly. It was so easy. So now I have a quick easy place to go to when I want to record my children's special memory. I intended for it to be mostly humorous stuff, but some of the writings have taken a more serious note as well as spiritual.

I guess overall, its for my kids to know how much we treasured them all of their life. Every child loves to hear stories of their youth and this has been a great way for me to capture those moments.

Hubby also contributes and I think that is so important as children often see the nurturing side of the mother... after all it is generally the mom who scrapbooks, takes photos and reminisces about days gone by.

I want my children to know that their daddy is present and delighting in them as well! He doesn't usually think of writing stuff down, but as he verbally shares a story with me about our kids I will encourage him to write in their journals.

Here are some of our notebook entries for Mickey:

Nov 2008...The other morning you peed through your diaper and when you showed Daddy your wet PJ's you angrily said, " SOMEONE PEED ON ME!!!"

March 2009... today you told me that I was the biggest Mommy in the whole world! You were trying to instill confidence in me to kill a spider. I did not take offense--it was so cute! call hangnails "fingerhangs". We like the word so much that we use it too.

From Hubby in Oct of 2008 ....

"Each night I either read or tell you a bible story. You usually prefer my dramatic telling over a book with pictures. Tonight the story was about God calling Samuel as a young boy. At the end of the story, you propped your head up with one hand, looked straight into my eyes and said, "Daddy, I want to SEE God!" I explained that while Samuel had heard God, he did not see God either. I explained that we can feel God's presence, but that God usually remains invisible to us, the word invisible took some work... until I explained that God is like the wind. I blew on your cheek-you could feel the air but could not see it. Instantly I could see the concept "click" in your brain. You are so clever; I am so honored to be your father and to get to share God's Truth with you. I pray that I may show Him to you accurately and as fully as I know how."

That is so precious to me.

I know that this sounds morbid, but some parents don't get to see their children grow into adults. They don't get to tell them cute stories about their childhood and remind them of spiritual lessons they learned together. This is my way of trying to give my children a strong written reminder of our love for them.

I would love to hear from some other parents on ways that you have captured your children's childhood!


Wendy said...

Cute stories! Great idea too! I just might have to copy that idea. What a great treasure to pass on to your kids. By the way, I love the favorite things theme for posts!!

RealReedy said...

I do a journal for the kids too. It is a great way to remember things.

Knowing your little guys love of dinosaurs too, your hangnail story reminded me how when Asher has a nail hanging off his finger, he calls it his claw! He protects it at all costs and won't let me cut it off!!

Becky said...

My blog is pretty much our journal. At the end of the year, I turn the posts into a hardbound book. I currently have 2007 in hand and I'm working on 2008's book. It's a lot of work, but so worth it. It really is a priceless treasure to journal about our children and family! Your children are sure to adore those journals!!!

T and M said...

I've been journaling as well and love reading old entries. I think your kids will treasure those someday!

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