Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Perfect Mother's Day Weekend!

Tulip Festival!
If my children feel as loved by me as I do by my mother, I will have done my job well!
She is the picture of the perfect mother in my book.
Posted by PicasaMothers Day was a fabulous weekend that began on early Saturday morning. My mom and I took a day trip to a Tulip Festival! The idea hatched just a few days before when mom and I were strollering the kids and she commented that the tulips were the the most beautiful this year that she had ever known.
My hubby, being the champion dad and husband that he is, readily and cheerfully spent the day with Mickey and Minnie while Mom and I whisked away to a beautiful day admiring tulips and just "being together".
Mom was adhering to a strict diet so I took in the Dutch junk food all by myself. I was chock full of Dutch Letters --a delicious filled pastry and many other delicious treats. I kind of went all out as I don't generally get to eat freely as I try not to eat things in front of my son that he would not be able to eat due to his milk-protein allergy. A place like this would be literally impossible to find something for him to eat. If we would have gone as a family we would have all brought in our own food. So this was my day to eat whatever I could!

It was not the ideal year to steal away as I am still nursing and I of course had the hassle of toting my pump along and pumping in the car. But I did not want to wait for the ideal year. Several of my friends are spending Mother's Day without the gift of being able to talk to or hug their mother. I wanted to seize the day and soak in my time with her.... and I did. We both LOVE flowers and it was fun to gush about and bask in the beauty of the warm day and gorgeous tulips.
We had BIG plans of being very cultural by taking the city tour and immersing ourselves in the other events that would educate us in the Dutch heritage... but no, we got sucked into the Flea Market and little shops and assured ourselves that NEXT year we will do the cultural things! We have full intentions of making this a yearly tradition! We are hoping my two sisters can come next year!
Thank you mom, for being the most loving and compassionate mom to me. Thanks for spending the day with me. I am the luckiest girl in the world!

On the way home, we saw a small cardboard sign on the sign of the road that said, "Mushrooms" The signs led us to a little house where two little boys sold us THREE POUNDS of Morel mushrooms (which I have been longing for and are a rare delicacy in these parts). I will not divulge the monetary amount that I parted with to attain these amazing mushrooms! I could not wait to surprise hubby as he shares my passion for them.

My husband not only stayed home with the kids all day but he had supper all prepared for us and my parents! I know, he is amazing and I love him so much.

The night ended with frying up our Morels. Now I knew that I could not have too many as one year I ate tons of them and I threw up. So I paced myself. Well, that did not work. About 2am I woke up puking violently and that continued for a few hours. I lost count after 8 rounds.
I eventually got too weak to pull myself out of bed every time so I nestled up in a blanket outside of the bathroom and slept there. At one point Mickey found me laying there and he came and snuggled me. It sounds like a sweet thing to happen on the morn of Mother's Day but I was very sick and very tired and did not want to be touched. Then Baby Minnie woke up hungry and hubby brought her down to my resting place, (it felt like my final resting place) and she nursed in between my vomit sessions.

So I guess the vomiting negates the perfectness of the weekend.

I woke up at 11:30am (clearly did not make the church service) and felt pretty good. It was gorgeous weather so we planned a family hike to a cave. Mickey had never been to a cave before so he was pumped. Our family loves nature and we have been ultra blessed with wonderfully mild weather this spring. The whole time we were hiking I never stopped praising God for the gift of my family and my own mother.

Baby Minnie was constantly grabbing at the foliage!


My little guy! So full of zest. I love him!

And the perfect Mother's Day ended with a steak dinner at Mom and Dad's followed by milk-free s'mores. (recipe on earlier blog).

AHHH. What a weekend. Now to start the week!

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Anonymous said...

You're quite the storyteller! Hilarious! I could almost feel your pain from puking up mushrooms! Luann

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