Monday, April 27, 2009

The fear of commitment!

Just so you know... I feel my heart beating a little faster. Like how I felt everyday on the first day of school. Or how I feel whenever i make a change in my life, something big and new. Okay, I know. Everyone has a blog, this certainly is not new.. and i have had a pseudoblog that was password protected.. but no one could ever remember the password. So I have had this rumbling in my heart that I should start a "real" blog. For lots of reasons.. most are irrelevant to anyone reading this.. but maybe i will go more into that later. So anyway, i realize that my heart is beating faster as I have a life long problem with committing. Saying that.. i do belong to a random potluck known as the "overcommitters potluck", so its a commitment issue on many levels. I am not really sure how this is going to all fit into my life. This may be my one and only post. ( do you sense the fear of commitment there.. setting my standards low so that i don't disappoint myself). Anyway, welcome to my blog. Blogs have become my primary social life. And i have never been one to shy away from socializing.. so here I go!
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Kristy L said...

Yay, welcome to blogging! As a fellow overcommitter (can't wait for our next get-together- can you BELIEVE we can all come?), I can tell you that blogging is worth committing to, in my opinion. Looking forward to reading more!

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