Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dairy-Free S'mores!

This kind of weather evokes all sorts of emotions, longings and food cravings! First of all with the first hint of spring.. this 33 year old body suddenly thinks its 17 again and track practice has begun! I get this urge to just zoom down the street. Its a little harder now with kids in tow. One can't go quite as fast with a double stroller laden with a toddler and baby. Plus, what would the neighbors think? Seriously, I get this racing itch when the weather warms a bit.

I also start salivating over the bright colored flowers beckoning me from all garden centers around town. Every year I try and convince myself that flowers are not necessary and that we should save our money for more important things.. like food, or our children's college education!

I also think of camping.. this is the perfect weather for camping! We have not been camping since we had kids, but we think Mickey (age 3.5) would love it. And with every camping excursion, one must have S'mores.
We had our first S'mores of the year last weekend and they were delightful and I was feeling quite pleased with myself! Most of you reading this know that our son Mickey is allergic to milk. And most of you know that he was un-allergic to milk for 7 days last October. For those of you fellow allergy families who may be tuning in at this time and wondering how all this is possible... well, its a long story that I cannot possibly begin here. For one week our son was declared healed and we now refer to that week as "The Week of Jubilee". All the foods that our family had never been able to enjoy together was possible.. and of course we did not know at the time that it would not be permanent. But it was wonderful while it lasted... except for the fact that in those 7 days, our son became attached to a few foods and when it was over.. well, that was sad for him.
So about a month ago Mickey was eating Graham Crackers (some are milk free some are not) and he was looking at the back of the box where it pictured a S'more and a recipe. (is a S'more recipe really necessary) (I take that back. I am remembering my Australian friend Hema and can hear her saying with that Aussie accent.. "'a S'more? what is a S'more?) My son said, "Oh, can we make some of these sometime with that yummy chocolate... I LOVE chocolate!" Thud went my heart, as we certainly do not know of any milk-free chocolate bar.... any that I have found locally are made on equipment that process milk products.

But I came up with a great solution and wanted to share it with the community of milk allergy families! I melted a bag of milk -free chocolate chips in the microwave at .5 power and then poured it into a 9x9 pan and then froze it. When it was S'more time, the chocolate could be cut into squares. It was decadent and MUCH better than the regular low -quality Hershey Bar! **I use Dairy and Gluten Free SemiSweet from Tropical Source by Sunspire made on dedicated equipment and purchased at my local supermarket***(not cheap $3.40 a bag)

It brings such joy to me to find a great way to make things safe for him and for him not to "miss out!"


Sarah Paynter said...

Tricia, What a great idea. Go Super Mommy! I'm loving all your posts. Sarah Paynter

Mary Jo said...

What fun it was to see Mickey enjoying the sticky gooey S'more. Two of them actually!

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

We did the same thing this past Winter! I, too, was so happy with the homemade chocolate bar! We'll just say that great minds think alike! :)

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